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Fonsen Enterprise aims to delivers a better environment and believes in changing life through proper channels managing and recycling of waste.

Fonsen Enterprise is highly convinced in protection of environment and believes that our goals can be achieved if the manufactured processes, waste consultation knowledge, waste collection methods are of benefit to customers and compatible with the environment through proper channels of waste management and in collaboration with public.

We shall strive to provide the highest quality services in waste disposal and recycling business and committed to provide excellent solution to the environment and customer by introducing most updated technology and continuing development in the Research & Development of recycling waste knowledge throughout Malaysia.

We are actively involved in collecting waste from schools, factories, communities, offices throughout Sarawak and Peninsula Malaysia and warmly welcome all recycling enterprises and institutions call us for more information.

Our services

We have expanded to collect and recycle all these listed wastes:
Waste Paper : newspapers, yellow paperboard, books, etc.
Black Metal Waste: All types of scrap steel and old equipment. Non-ferrous metals: copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, and other various non-ferrous metals.
Plastic Waste: all types of waste plastic and foam.
Glass Waste : all types of waste and glass bottles.
Electrical Waste Appliances : TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen equipment, audio, small home appliances.
Office Waste : computers, copiers, printers, fax machines and so on.
Lathe Acquisitions : Waste recycling various lathe.
Transformer Recovery : recovery of waste transformer.
Motor Recovery : recovery of waste motor.
Central Air Conditioning Recovery : recovery of various models used central air conditioning.
Original Electronic Devices Recovery : recovery of the various models of used electronic devices.
Power Distribution Equipment Recovery: recovery of various types of waste power distribution equipment.
Battery Recycling: all kinds of waste battery recycling.
Polypropylene Recovery: recovery of all types of waste polypropylene products.
Polyethylene Recovery: recovery of all types of polyethylene waste products.
Various Others Waste : Demolition of old plant operations. Etc



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